oaktown spice shop – oakland, california


One of the reasons people don’t cook is they lack a good set of spices. It’s not just working parents that have trouble finding good quality spices, foodies and chefs alike have the same problems. In my frequent recipe browsing I read about a lot of spices and herbs that I have never heard of and/or haven’t the slightest clue where to find. This mean that you will often find me driving around the city in search of a new and mysterious ingredient to add to my spice drawers. The best part, for anyone watching anyway, is that it often involves me asking someone with minimal english vocabulary if they carry a spice that I can’t pronounce correctly.

Seeing Oaktown Spice Shop in Oakland makes me yearn for a store here that would bring all those hard to find spices under one roof. An owner with a passion for the spices they carry can definitely remove a lot of the intimidation people feel when approaching the spice aisle.
oaktown spice shop exterior
oaktown spice shop display
oaktown spice shop happy owners

oaktown spice shop paprika

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  • Heather
    April 18, 2012 - 8:26 am | Permalink

    Apparently there’s an awesome spice shop in Inglewood here in Calgary. I haven’t been in, but my Mom has. You should check it out!

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