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This post isn’t the typical one you might expect from this blog, but I didn’t want to throw it up on twitter or Facebook where it fade into oblivion so quickly.

A long while back I saw the Holstee Manifesto poster and thought it was great. Me, being a little cheap, thought about trying to recreate it in Photoshop and just printing it off. I quickly realized though that not all the phrases spoke to me as much as I would like. I tweaked a couple here and there but then decided to go all in and change almost all of it.

It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I love the end result. I researched the phrases from all over the place and brought them all together in this one poster. I am having it printed at Staples into an 18×24 poster right now and can’t wait to frame it for my office. So without further delay here is the resulting poster I came up with (hopefully with no mistakes…thanks to Susan for finding one).

My Manifesto

If you like it, feel free to print it off or send it over to a printer to get a large format version made. And please pass this post link along to your friends using the buttons below.


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