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Korean food is not well known within the West, but Mr. Kim at Kimchee in London is hoping to change that. Kimchee is the national dish of Korea and is a combination of fermented vegetables and spices. It also happens to be very good for you and is great along with some great Korean barbecue which there seems to be no lack of at Kimchee restaurant.

The first thing I noticed is the clean simplicity of the restaurant design and those great looking lights. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the waiting area/garden area since it just looks a little fake, but it might be better in person. The uniforms for both the kitchen and service staff are very nice and fit the look and feel of the space well. The open kitchen is fantastically well integrated and the open view of the barbecue station has me hungry already. If the food tastes as good as it looks I would expect more Korean restaurants to be opening soon.

Waiting Area

Designer: Jiweon Ahn

Kimchee Restaurant
71 High Holborn
London, UK WC1V 6EA
Tel: 020 7430 0956


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