Edmonton Swine and Dine 2012


I had the pleasure of attending the Swine and Dine Event in Edmonton on July 3rd and it was a spectacular night of great Alberta pork and connecting with Edmonton food lovers. We start at Zinc Restaurant located in the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA), a restaurant I have been meaning to try since it opened. I had heard so many great reviews of the food and the first course did not disappoint. Sous Chef Doreen Prei wowed everyone with her parma ham wrapped foie gras paired with salted caramel. The buttery soft ham was a perfect pairing for the luscious and indulgent foie gras and then the sweet caramel just took it to a whole different dimension. The lady a couple seats over didn’t finish hers and I was very tempted to ask her if I could have it, but thought better of it since my other half might have frowned upon that. Along with the “little parcel of love” was a cold bacon and apple soup with a ground pork Parmesan crisp. I can’t say I loved the soup as the smoky flavour was a little more than I could take, but I think I could have eaten a tray of the crispy ground pork.

From Zinc we wandered over to Hundred Bar & Kitchen – since it was pouring rain we actually ended up weaving our way through the underground maze (aka pedway system) from the AGA to Stanley Milner Library. Since we were being a little tardy we were quickly greeted by our second course of chicken fried pork shoulder and waffles prepared by Chef Andrew Cowan.

This course had a lot going on and managed to balance out nicely. The waffle was savory and infused with bacon, cheddar, jalapeno, and beer. The popcorn gave a nice spicy kick thanks to some sriracha and then on the side was pickled mustard melon to give some sweet and sour notes. You got a little sweet, sour, salty, and spice in each bite and everything managed to play well. I overheard there were some naughty sounding analogies for how this tasted.

The last stop was right across the street at Moriarty’s Bistro and Bar with Chef Cory Welsch. I almost didn’t manage to get a photo of dessert since it looked so yummy that I couldn’t wait to eat it (I ended up eating one of mine before taking a picture). Luckily Sue needed a specially made one without peanuts so I was able to get a second shot at it.

Dessert at Moriarty's

This was Chef Cory’s play on the campfire s’more. On the skewer was a marshmallow flanked by two chunks of peanut butter banana bread. They then dipped those morsels into chocolate and finished it with a healthy dash of peanuts and bacon bits. It was diabetes inducing, but so yummy. I was stuffed but refused to leave any of the dessert on my plate.

Dessert at Moriarty's

A big thanks to Sharman for organizing this event though Passion for Pork and I can’t wait for her to put together another one.

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