concrete blonde – sydney, australia


A trendy looking space with a lot of sleek lines, polished surfaces, and surprising warmth; Concrete Blonde manages to bring balance to industrial concrete and metal elements. The open kitchen is designed like a gallery with a statuesque rotisserie and round grill being feature elements. Polished metal is offset by leather, wood, and fire throughout to create a modern but warm restaurant. The visual impact of their cartoon mural is also something that cannot be missed and makes the space feel less cold.

The kitchen with the round grill and rotisserie in full view

Fireplace with the air conditioned wine room in the background

Aged spun aluminum features along the 9m bar

Mural of a blonde pin-up saying "...I just like to watch"

Take a walk through the restaurant:

Designer: Dreamtime Australia Design

Concrete Blonde
33 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point, NSW 2000
Tel: 02 9380 8307

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