classic burger joint – beirut, lebanon


Good old fashioned burger joints have been making a comeback recently (if you happen to live near an In-n-Out, it hasn’t really been missing for you) and it seems to have spread all the way to Lebanon at the Classic Burger Joint. Their branding and restaurant design feels like what you would expect at an old American burger joint with very simple and clean looks. The owners seem to be doing a great job at spreading their brand and creating a positive culture within and around the restaurant. They have an iPad at the restaurant entrance to allow people to “like” them on Facebook and to leave comments on their wall – a great way to capture positive comments quickly and to build brand momentum. If you happen to be in Beirut, let me know how the burgers are because they look mouthwatering.

Designer: WonderEight

Classic Burger Joint
(multiple locations)
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: 01 333 606 – 04 719 011

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