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my manifesto

This post isn’t the typical one you might expect from this blog, but I didn’t want to throw it up on twitter or Facebook where it fade into oblivion so quickly.

A long while back I saw the Holstee Manifesto poster and thought it was great. Me, being a little cheap, thought about trying to recreate it in Photoshop and just printing it off. I quickly realized though that not all the phrases spoke to me as much as I would like. I tweaked a couple here and there but then decided to go all in and change almost all of it.

It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I love the end result. I researched the phrases from all over the place and brought them all together in this one poster. I am having it printed at Staples into an 18×24 poster right now and can’t wait to frame it for my office. So without further delay here is the resulting poster I came up with (hopefully with no mistakes…thanks to Susan for finding one).

My Manifesto

If you like it, feel free to print it off or send it over to a printer to get a large format version made. And please pass this post link along to your friends using the buttons below.


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ugandan vanilla beans (plus ice cream)

Ugandan Vanilla Beans 1

After making many pints of vanilla ice cream this fall as I tested recipes to find my favorite version I realized very quickly that I would need to buy more vanilla beans. I have never been too picky about using vanilla beans versus extract, but when it comes to ice cream the difference is very pronounced. So after using up my small trove of beans I needed to find a good source for buying more, lots more. Most grocery stores have vanilla beans, but they can cost almost $8 each and when you need a bean for every batch it can get expensive fast.

Ugandan Vanilla Beans 3

On top of this, I have been hearing a lot about Ugandan vanilla beans and their very high levels of vanillin. Vanillin is what provides that vanilla flavour so obviously more usually translates to better. After a little scouring of the interwebs I found a good source and ordered myself half a pound of vanilla beans (approximately 50+ beans). After a little confusion (mostly because of my spam filters) over the shipping costs I had my beans in hand and filling the house very quickly with the heady smell of vanilla.

If you happen to need a bean or two and you live here in Edmonton I would be more than happy to share my bounty of vanilla beans too, just drop me an email through the contact form.

In commemoration of this momentous event I am making my favorite vanilla ice cream; discovered after making many variations. This version is incredibly smooth and creamy and doesn’t require any egg yolks. The recipe is from the amazing book Jenis Splendid Ice Creams at Home which I highly recommend you pick up either for yourself of for someone special for Christmas. Unfortunately I can’t post the recipe but if you email me I might be able to send it to you.

Ugandan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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