about me

My profession is computer engineering and my passion is for food. I left engineering over a year ago to pursue my passion and to see what it was really like to work in a restaurant and if I did want to own one some day. I quickly found work in a successful restaurant as a waiter, then move up to being a floor manager, and then the guest service manager. From there I moved to another even busier restaurant to manager the front of house operations. “Front of house” manager means that everything outside of the kitchen was my responsibility.

This excursion into the food business taught me more than I could have learned from reading every food and business book and watching every TV show about restaurants. A diner should see a well organized, calm, controlled restaurant, but this only happens when everyone is working hard and fast and even a little frantically toward the same goals. Now I am a restaurant consultant and engineer and this is where I post my adventures and comment on the industry.

why I blog

I cook because I want to experience the fullest expression of the ingredients. But, cooking and food are nothing without people to share it with. I started this blog because food is made greater by the people you share it with and I want to share my food with you.

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